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lmao u got any more stories???


sure. so, i was at a party right. having fun. gettin turnt. jk i was drinking water. but i was coolin. dancin with a few females here & there.i dont really care who i dance with at a party you know? plus its dark. anyways, i caught the eye of this one shorty in a beam of light from the disco ball & i ron artest my way through the crowd of people to get to her. so i do. we dancing & she can dance fam. so we dancing & she dancin on me hard s fuck…so i got hard af jah feel? she had the nerve to stop, turn around and complain about it. shorty, you causin it….she was dancin like she was tryna get me to penetrate her through my jeans. but then she put her hand on it & leaned into kiss me…i said fuck it so i leaned in to. we were leanin in slow. we got closer & i felt sumn tickle my lip. i look down & shorty got peach fuzz on her upper lip fam. its dark but enough light was hitting it for me to peep. so i kinda just

& left